Ray Besserdin

Ray Besserdin

Location: Australia

Ray Besserdin, born to artist parents, began his passion with paper in childhood, about the time he also become fascinated with nature. Graduating from La Trobe University in Biological Sciences, 1982, he immediately returned to his greater passion for art and soon began developing sculpture techniques with paper. Ray’s work ranges from miniature to gigantic, from abstract to ultra-realistic. His signature work is a style he terms “Impressionist Sculptured Paper”, associating it with the painting style of that name because it is only loosely representative, and concerned with capturing emotive responses, not realism., “I want my work to speak to the viewers’ hearts”. Ray uses mostly handmade and mould-made, sheet formed cotton and mulberry papers from Europe and Asia. Nature is still his most beloved subject matter.
Ray has been recognised both in Australia and internationally with 24 awards to date, including two gold from New York, one for a Macquarie Bank corporate commission, a First in the Nature Exhibition of LightSpaceTime Gallery, Florida and was winner of the People’s Choice Award, National Works on Paper 2018, Mornington Peninsula Regional Gallery, Victoria. In January 2019, he was awarded a highly prized “Gold Medal for Creativity” by the Mondial Art Academia of France.
Corporate clients include Macquarie Bank Australia, Amcor, Ford Motor Company and Northern Territory Government of Australia to name a few, while private commissions hang in London, Munich, Manhattan, New Zealand and throughout Australia.
Interviews can be read on ZoneOneArts https://zoneonearts.com.au/ray-besserdin/ ACS Magazine Chicago, USA https://www.acs-mag.com/acsmagjanfeb2019 and Art & Museum Magazine, UK https://docs.wixstatic.com/ugd/cf7a10_17f1d916693d45eaaa62137377741ade.pdf
He has been artist in residence for Umbrella Contemporary Art Studio, Townsville and was appointed the Australian Ambassador for Mondial Art Acadamie, France in 2018. Ray is preparing an exhibition presented by the Melbourne Royal Botanic Gardens, Cranbourne Gallery to be held from July 19 to August 5, 2019 and by invitation of Mona Youssef Galleries, he will be exhibiting in the Carrousel du Louvre, Paris from October 19, 2019.
Represented by:
 Mona Youssef Gallery, Canada https://www.monayoussefgallery.com/
 Sculptsite, USA https://sculptsite.com/sculptor/Ray-Besserdin/1?m=495
 Circle Foundation for the Arts, France https://circle-arts.com/ray-besserdin-paper-sculpture-artist/
 Third Prize Animal Sculpture (any medium) Art Exhibition, LightSpaceTime, Florida, USA 2019
 Gold Medal for Creativity, Mondial Art Acadamie, France 2019
 People’s Choice Award, National Works on Paper, MPRG Victoria 2018
 2 Honourable Mentions Nature Art Exhibition, LightSpaceTime, Florida, USA 2018
 First Prize Nature Art Exhibition, LightSpaceTime, Florida, USA 2018
 Special Recognition Botanicals Art Exhibition, LightSpaceTime, Florida, USA 2018
 Second Prize Botanicals Art Exhibition, LightSpaceTime, Florida, USA 2018
 Bronze Cast Bell Award, ICAD Dublin, Ireland 2017
 Gold Dimensional Awards Show, New York 1998
 Gold, International Print Advertising World Medals, New York 1996
 2 Silver Dimensional Awards Show, New York from 1992 onward
 12 Bronze Dimensional Awards Show, New York from 1992 onward



Portraits created in impressionist 3-dimensional sculptured paper style. Base is constructed from 300gsm Arches Hot Press pure cotton papers, overlain with Hahnemuhle 300gsm NOT cotton art paper. Finished in Japanese 30gsm mulberry Kozo and 4gsm hemp paper for the hair.

Dionysian Green Man “Dionysian Green Man”

Fantasy recreation of the ancient mythical Green Man from as far back as Roman times. This version is created as a tribute in the memory of a dearly beloved who passed away, where memories are no longer complete images but fragments.

Little Girl Torn “Little Girl Torn”

Young Aboriginal girls in particular are suffering conditions of living driving them to take their own lives at unprecedented levels, some as young as 10 years old. The despair is clearly visible in this young girl, a tear in her eye. She is torn with no future to live for, her world around her disintegrating and disappearing; world she didn't choose. Created to bring attention to the plight of these beautiful people, so easily overlooked because of the remoteness of the environments in which they live away from the cities.

Anne Ducros,  French Jazz Singer “Anne Ducros, French Jazz Singer”

Tribute to a favourite classy, powerful French Jazz performer.

Liane Foly, French Jazz/Pop singer “Liane Foly, French Jazz/Pop singer”

Tribute to a favourite classy and very versatile French female singer

Don Burrows, Woodwind Jazz Legend “Don Burrows, Woodwind Jazz Legend”

Tribute to a long favourite, world renowned Australian Jazz woodwind artist

Sven Libaek, Distinguised Composer/Conductor “Sven Libaek, Distinguised Composer/Conductor”

Tribute to a favourite Norwegian/Australian jazz and film score composer/conductor and producer


Nature subjects created in 3-dimensional sculptured paper, both in extreme realism and in my signature impressionist style, concerned with capturing the life of the subjects without being held down by details. Papers are extremely archival hand made and mould-made cotton, mulberry and hemp fibre sourced from ancient mills in Europe and across Asia, including Japan.

The Red Sands Garden “The Red Sands Garden”

Impressions of the Red Sands Garden of Melbourne's Royal Botanic Gardens Cranbourne Native landscapes

The Path to Gondwana “The Path to Gondwana”

Impression of strolling from the Visitor Centre through the treed zones leading to the Gondwana Gardens of Melbourne's Royal Botanic Gardens, Cranbourne Native landscapes

To Seaside “To Seaside”

Impression of strolling from the picnic area over Howson Hill to the Seaside landscapes of Melbourne's Royal Botanic Gardens Cranbourne native landscapes