Jasmine Desmarais

Jasmine Desmarais

Location: Canada

Jasmine Desmarais is a painter and ceramics artist who lives and works in Montreal, Canada. Her body of work — which includes canvasses, utilitarian pottery, and sculptural ceramics pieces — is renowned for its dynamic energy and ingenious originality. Her style is a nod to contemporary art combined with a controlled simplicity, and is a reflection of her urban experience mingled with a touch of sensitivity, in homage to her cultural origins.

Born in Montreal of Quebecois and Haitian descent, Jasmine Desmarais has always been immersed in arts and matter. She shared this passion with preschool- and school-aged children for 25 years before returning to college and getting a degree in professional ceramics from the Centre céramique Bonsecours in Montreal, followed by an undergraduate certificate in Fine Arts from the Université de Québec à Montréal. She lives and works in Montreal, Quebec (Canada) and regularly shows her work in local and international group- and solo exhibits.

​Visual art is something almost visceral, for me, where creation is inextricable from process, and the process itself informs my work’s message: hand-building clay and painting in intense colours lead directly to discovering and understanding the connections between images, objects, feelings, and emotions. Whether it’s in a curve, a colour, or even the smallest nick, matter comes alive and becomes a most excellent means of communication.

I began my artistic adventure with a passion for Raku-fired ceramics. When I found ways to create similar visual effects through batik done on paper, a whole universe of possibilities opened up.

High-contrast colours are prominent in my work, intended to suggest both the dualities that can be implicit in human nature, and the woman I am in society. I consider the objects and art that surround us to be mirrors that reflect our soul, our culture, and our era.


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