Michael D Granger

Award winning, San Jose artist, Michael D. Granger's watercolor paintings explore various aspects of everyday life including nature, colorful scenes, and nostalgia using conflicting bright colors against rich darks in designs that create strikingly detailed paintings (when viewed at a distance) which then give way (upon closer inspection) to the loose, more traditional flow of watercolor art.

Formally trained in fine arts at Youngstown State University, Granger lists his influences by artists as diverse as John Singer Sargent, Edgar Degas, Andy Warhol, and Salvador Dali. Granger believes that "every new viewing of a favorite work of art generates new insights into not only the mind and craftsmanship of the artist but also the consciousness of the viewer." Granger says of his work that "I want to stretch the limits of my abilities to offer a view of the world using simple, easily recognizable images such as buttons or crayons to complex imagery such as landscapes or flowers that will bring beauty, nostalgia, or longing - in many layers - to the observer."

In 2018 Granger was one of the artists featured in “Splash 19: The Best of Watercolor”. In March of 2018 Granger won first place at the Santa Clara Valley Watercolor Societies’ 50th Annual Show and in May won second place at the California Watercolor Associations’ “The Color of Summer” show at St. Mary’s College Museum of Art. Granger won Awards of Excellence, the highest award, at the Fremont Art Associations 52nd and 53rd annual art shows, was jury selected to participate in the 2017 Capitola Plein Air Event, and participated in other shows including Sun Gallery of Hayward’s “60s and 70s Revisited”. Granger participated, by invitation, in an international exhibit of California artists at the Dongshang Museum in Beijing, China. Most recently Granger was selected to be featured in “Splash 20: The Best of Watercolor”.


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