Nelya Akimova

Siberia is my homeland. Who was there in the winter, never forgets the vastness and purity of the snowy expanses. And, as a contrast, concrete structures rise among snow. This magic remains with you for the rest of your life. I want to convey it in my canvases.
The emotions of people, their ability to become aware of themselves cause me the greatest interest.
I never plan my work. This goes directly into the process of working with the canvas. Layer after layer, a mixture of thorough blackness, rough gray concrete and snowy whiteness - gives rise to emotions, images, stories.

I started to create pictures only 2 years ago. This period was very difficult and crucial for me - I changed my country of residence.
Before my decision to focus on creating art, I enjoyed a successful career working in the pharmaceutical industry.

- There are about 50 paintings in my collection now.
- My artworks are presented in the Agora Gallery (New York) and Gallery Exhibit8 (Cyprus).
- The artwork “The ban on breathing”, presented in the Agora Gallery, became a finalist and then one of the winners of the annual Gateway International Painting Competition 2018-19.
- And after successfully participating in the competition, I became a member of the team of judges of The Gateway International Painting Competition.
- My artworks are nominated for the PALM ART AWARD 2020
- Some artworks were created for the exhibition "Little Treasures" organized by Trevisan International Art (TIA), Bologna, Italy (from November 30, 2019 - to December 12, 2019)


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