Dalia Berlin

Dalia Berlin, a professional licensed interior designer for over 30 years, has found a new voice for her creativity through her paintings. Born in Madrid, Spain she paints with the fury and nobility of bulls. She embraces all her endeavors with an excitement that results in bright, bold passionate statements. "When I stare at a blank canvas I never know what it will become, I feel each Menina has has its own spirit and each captivates me. While painting I experience a freeing kind of peace where language fails to express all I wish to share. It's truly exhilarating to be the vehicle of such flow of energy," says Dalia.
Berlin's soul has found a new path in storytelling that truly comes alive in her artwork. Her pieces combine colors that sing and truly come to life in her Meninas. Her preferred medium is mixed media, often mixing acrylic and oils over canvas, adding paper and other elements for added dimension. Her collages contain various symbolic collections that include antique stamps, bills and Spanish press clippings. Each symbol represents something within the piece which is deeply rooted in her native country of Spain. Berlin's muse comes from her admiration for masters like Velazquez, Goya, Dali and Picasso among others.
Her meninas have traveled from Miami through out the United States, South America and Europe. From New York to Paris, London, Barcelona, Brussels and Milan. Notable art showings include Art Contest Miami Basel season, Art Palm Beach, ICFF2018 NYC, and Carousel du Louvre, Reveal Saratoga Springs, Personal Structures Biennial Venice 2019, Aqua Art Miami and Art Palm Beach 2020, Art on Paper NY2020 among others.
Sharing her art whilst participating in charity benefits brings Dalia infinite joy!

Passionate CONTEMPORARY artist


La Magia de las Meninas

A collection of contemporary art pieces depicting my modern interpretation of the iconic figure by Master Diego de Velazquez "Las Meninas"

La magia de Las Meninas “La magia de Las Meninas”

Discover my modern day look of the Magic of Las Meninas. Acrylic on canvas it measures 50x78" 3/2020

La magia de Las Meninas “La magia de Las Meninas”

Detail of Infanta Doña Margarita Maria de Austria

La magia de Las Meninas “La magia de Las Meninas”

detail closeup of the Queen Mariana and King Phillip IV as they appear reflected on a mirror at the back of the room as it reflects them standing much like the audience would outside the painting

La magia de Las Meninas “La magia de Las Meninas”

A closeup detail of the artist Diego de Velázquez himself, peering out from behind a large canvas. He wears a fine black courtier costume, including a cape and the red cross of Santiago painted on his chest. This symbol was a marker of his knighthood, which the king bestowed upon him in 1659.

Las Gemelas

A modern abstract depiction of two Meninas as twins and sisters and lifelong friends. Acrylic on Cansvas. 48"x 78"

Las Gemelas “Las Gemelas”

Las Gemelas an abstract rendition of two twin sisters Meninas