Marco Lando

Marco Lando

Location: Italy

My photographic work is influenced by my New York theatre background. Combining existential plot lines, dramatic lighting, and surrealist stage design, the otherworldly mise-en-scenes I create operate on a visceral, symbolic level. Always shot in black-and-white, and manipulated digitally, my imagery explores the human psyche, eschewing the rational and moral world in favor of the unconscious and instinctual. The absence of color lends a forensic quality to the uncanny nature of subject matter, and avoids pushing it into the realm of the sensational.
The works I' m presenting, from my ongoing series, Alchemy, were created during March and April 2020, when Covid 19 devastated northern Italy, where I live. The series, which presents deranged aerial scenes of the heavens where architectural images, ancient and new, float amid stormy skies and portentous moons, symbolizes the unsettling effects of the pandemic: the loneliness, fear, and overall feeling that the world doesn’t belong to us, at least not to the extent we thought it did.
I have most recently shown my work at the Site: Brooklyn Art Gallery and at the Viridian Artists Inc. both in New York City. I was a finalist at the 2016 WAC in Wells, UK.

Representing gallery: Viridian Artists Inc. - 548 W 28th Street, New York 10001.
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