Hiroshi Wada

Hiroshi Wada

Location: Japan

Japanese Calligraphy Artist

“Sho” for which I aim is not what is known as traditional Japanese “sho”, but a modern “sho” that matches any scene in the world. Moreover, it is not avant-garde calligraphy, formative art with Indian ink, but it is more readable and comprehensible with containing the aforementioned elements.

Other calligraphers use the technique of writing after a model,rinsho,which they have learned and write so-called calligraphers’ characters. On the other hand, in my case, I try to once forget what I have learned so far and start with a clean slate to write characters like a child who writes characters innocently. Even so, the lines of characters should be such lines as only a proficient calligrapher can draw, and the characters should be avant-garde but readable. This is the calligraphy I wish to achieve.

I write characters and each character has a meaning. I would like people to see my works with the meaning of each character in mind. I hope my works will make you feel relaxed, inspired, think of peace, or feel something.

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Japanese Calligraphy

LIVE_01 “LIVE_01”

22.8 x 37.4 inches
(58 x 95 cm)

ZERO_02 “ZERO_02”

47.2 x 34.5 inches
(120 x 90 cm)


34.5 x 45 inches
(87 x 114 cm)

Innocence_01 “Innocence_01”

35.4 x 47.2 inches
(90 x 120 cm)

The world is one_01 “The world is one_01”

19 x 34.5 inches
(48.3 x 87.6 cm)
Covid-19 is causing more damage than ever before in all over the world. Now is the time that people in the world will be unified as one t fight against the new virus!
The world is one!