Claire Burnham

Claire Burnham

Location: Canada

Hello, my name is Claire, and I love to work primarily in acrylics, but sometimes I’ll find myself venturing into oils. My favourite materials to work with are palette knives and black and white acrylic paint, although lately I’ve been playing in the world of colour. I’m 24, and a sales coordinator by day. I live with my hedgehog, Hubble, in the Thompson Nicola region of British Columbia.



Existing amongst other species had an impact on how you perceive yourself and humans as a whole. When studying people, there’s linguistic understanding, anatomical understanding, reflection, familiarity or strange, but only so because you have not spoken. Other animals, as it seems to me, have in a way boundaries in what you connect with. Because I’m not a hippo, I can’t communicate with him like another hippo could. And therefore, I find interaction within their space to be far more foreign than that of people, and I find it interesting. So I’ve created a series to try to explore where I find animals in space.

The Hippo “The Hippo”

Acrylic on canvas

The Rhino “The Rhino”

Acrylic on canvas


Looking Higher “Looking Higher”

Trying to look at things differently, simply.
Oil & acrylic on canvas

Stepped Away From the City “Stepped Away From the City”

From afar, cities appear to be just simple shapes, a contrast to the liveliness in the streets.