Eyde Arndell

Eyde Arndell moved to Southern California in 2003 from the Midwest. She fell in love with the vibrancy and openness of the beaches and rolling hills. Local landscapes deeply influence her art. Soon after sinking her roots in San Diego she began to draw. That was enough for a while, but she wanted to explore painting. She studied locally and discovered that painting was a natural fit. Her mother was an artist and instilled a deep love of the creative process in her.

Through her yoga practice, she sought to look inward and connect with her motivation for creating art.
Her early work is reflective of real places. Lately, she has been exploring more abstract and expressionist concepts.
Her art seeks the connection between the natural world and her true self. She began painting full-time in 2022.


Eyde Arndell - The sun, the sea and me

The tides, the sun, and the salty air serve to kindle my curiosity and the need to explore.
I have an insatiable desire to understand myself through the lens of the natural world.
The sun is my desire to let go of doubt and embrace possibility.
Water seeks out the mystery of the unknown.
I see my inner reflection in the world around me.
This is why I paint.

The Secret Universe “The Secret Universe”

Releasing the darkness within to embrace the light - living in the moment and letting go.
Original oil on gallery wrapped canvas - 36"h x 24"w

The Boat “The Boat”

Exploring the struggle to hang on when the going gets rough.
Original oil on gallery wrapped canvas - 24"h x 36"w

Nocturne “Nocturne ”

Searching for someone or something you've lost - hoping to reconnect and heal what divides us.
Original oil on gallery wrapped canvas - 18"h x 24"w - sold