Eyde Arndell

Eyde Arndell's art is centered around connection to the natural world. She lived in San Diego, California for many years and found California to be awe inspiring. It sparked her creativity. Eyde began studying the basics of oil painting in 2012. It felt like a natural way to express the beauty that surrounded her. Eyde’s mother was an artist and she instilled in her a deep love of the creative process. This spark to create is as much an expression of love for her mother as it is a way to share her sense of wonder and connection to nature. Her art has evolved over time to include more personal expressionist pieces alongside her vibrant land & seascapes. Eyde now paints full-time at her home studio in Illinois. She received the Top 100 Finalist Award in the recent Artavita International Contest- Hope. She was the Popular Vote winner at Thumbprint Gallery/ Art Around Adams Competition. She participated in Art San Diego 2014 Juried Exhibition. Her artwork is on exhibition until August 15 at The Corridor Gallery in Carbondale Illinois. Visit www.eydearndell.com to see more.


Eyde Arndell - The sun, the sea and me

The tides, the sun, and the salty air serve to kindle my curiosity and the need to explore.
I have an insatiable desire to understand myself through the lens of the natural world.
The sun is my desire to let go of doubt and embrace possibility.
Water seeks out the mystery of the unknown.
I see my inner reflection in the world around me.
This is why I paint.

Suncrest 1 “Suncrest 1”

Oil on Gallery Wrapped Canvas

Suncrest 2 “Suncrest 2”

Oil on Gallery Wrapped Canvas

Suncrest 3 “Suncrest 3”

Oil on Gallery Wrapped Canvas

Suncrest 4 “Suncrest 4”

Oil on Gallery Wrapped Canvas

The Boat “The Boat”

Exploring the struggle to hang on when the going gets rough.
Original oil on gallery wrapped canvas - 24"h x 36"w