Marlene Jorge

Born in Santiago, Dominican Republic in 1974, Marlene Jorge is a neurodivergent, autodidact, pop surrealist artist who addresses unconsciousness in its true nature. Jorge offers a unique version of liberated unconsciousness. Her style is best known for its liberation from the common perspective , providing a subtle yet unique composition from an elevated place, inviting the spectators to break free from preconceptions or society's blueprints .

Marlene Jorge spent her youth between her native Dom. Rep and USA . The artist's first drawing composition is dated 1982 which is currently owned by the artist's Mother, who had observed Jorge’s artistry to drawing and painting at the very early age of 5. Challenging the spectators to sympathize with their inner selves; untouched by preconceived social, cultural and background fostering. Jorge's style invites us to understand and embrace who we truly are without the life-giving preconceptions we ceaselessly experience.


Liberated Consciousness

Ennui “Ennui”

This piece speaks of inner reflection, and unconscious realization of weariness in regards of normality.

Quimera “Quimera ”

The piece speaks of the subconscious longing of what we pursued despite being highly unlikely to a reality becoming an universal force in the ALL.

Liminal “Liminal ”

The piece signifies the subconscious realization of the beginning of everything.

Artwork size 88 Width x 88 Height x 0.23 Depth cm

Esporadica “Esporadica”

This piece represents irregular unconscious time intervals of self impose isolation without relation to other previous subsequent reference.

Artwork size 92.6 Width x 92.6 Height x 0.23 Depth cm

Inmensa “Inmensa”

This piece represents an inner journey on which the mind navigates throughout daily customary darkness grasping the simple pursuit of transcending the ordinary in order to feel alive.

Artwork size 7000 Width x 7000 Height x 0.24 Depth cm