Nira Chorev

1952 Born in Boston, MA; raised and educated both in United States 1960-1965 and Israel 1965-1974.
1966-1970 – high school
WIZO France Vocational high school, Tel-Aviv – Diploma in fine art.
Studied with art teachers: Moshe Rosenthalis (Drawing), Chaim Teple (Painting), Robert Beza (Painting), Alexander Bogen (Painting), Paula Aronson (Ceramics), Moshe Sternschuss and Moshe Ziffer (Sculpture), Jacob (Cuba) Zim – (Graphic Design)
1970 - Sharet American Israel Foundation, For Young Artists - Awarded scholarship for best painting.
1967-1969 - Aveni College of Art, Tel-Aviv, Israel - Diploma in Fine Art
Studied with art teachers: Marcel Janco (Painting), David Kafturi (Painting), Edwin Salmon (Drawing)
1972 – 2011 higher education
1972-1974 - Art Teachers College, Herzliya, Israel - BA
Studied with art teachers: Raffi Lavie (Painting), Yair Garbuz (Painting), Ran Shehori (Drawing), Oshvaldo (Photography)
1974 –Scholarship from the Artist Yaacov Agam for high art studies at the SMFA, Boston, MA
1974-1978 - School of the Museum of Fine Art (SMFA), Boston; MA Diploma – 1975; BFA – 1977
Studied with art teachers: King Coffin (Drawing), Jack Clift (Silk Screen Printing), Bill Flynn (Drawing) Henry Schwartz (Painting)
1977-1978 - Fifth-Year Post-Graduate Studies
Studied with art teachers: Jack Clift (Silk Screen Printing), King Coffin (Drawing)
As part of the Fifth-Year Post-Graduate studies I was selected as an assistant to both printing and drawing classes. I also won fifth year scholarship (traveling scholarship) which I used to go back to my photography and merge it with the work I was doing in the silk screen printing class. I started to paint on large canvases with acrylic looking at the landscape from a bird's-eye view, from above, seeing the contrasting forms in color, and focus on the positive and negative shapes. What intrigue me were the shapes in space.
Since receiving my Post-Graduate Degree in 1978, my artwork has been exhibited in The Royal School of Art in London (1988), Art Expo, USA, NY (1997), the Kennedy Center, Washington, DC (1998), Resnikoff Gallery, Boston, MA, and Studio Gallery, Irvine, CA (2009), the SMFA Grossman Gallery in Boston, MA (2010), Art Takes Times Square, NYC (2012), Esart Gallery, Barcelona, Spain (2013), Post Office Gallery, Inc., North Truro, MA (2016).
2008 – I returned to the United State to continue my full time art education.
2008-2011 - Continuing Education Program and Workshops, School of the Museum of Fine Art (SMFA), Boston, MA
Studied with art teachers: Bill Flynn (Drawing), Robert Signalman (Experimental Figure Drawing), Ji-Eun-Kim (Ceramics)
Present, I am a full time self employed artist, fine art and mixed media.
Using photos to capture moments as memories, the photos I take are the trigger to the landscapes I create from them. They are the continuous connections between me and nature; they are the positive and negative shapes in space; and they are the reminder of how things were.
1979 - 2007 – Employment
1979 – 1986 art teachers:
1979-1983 - Ilan - Special Education - Working with handicapped children in art therapy with autistic and cerebral palsy.
1983-1986 - WIZO France Vocational high school, Tel-Aviv, Drawing classes, building artwork portfolios for graduation.
1984-1986 - Kfar Saba Municipality, Painting and drawing classes for adults.
1984-1985 - Talpiot Art Teachers Academy, Drawing classes, and Art History,
1985-1986 - The Teachers College of Art, Ramat HaSharon, Israel Drawing classes (substitute teacher)
1986 – 2007 – IMI LCD. Graphic designer


Mixed Media on paper

Painting for me is the process by which I seek Truth, and the constant challenge
of finding and portraying the Truth - the Balance - in Nature.