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Prints of my artwork and greeting cards are now available. Reasonable prices and various sizes.

Brenda’s paintings blend vivid colors and texture in abstract form. The work is not a literal representation of the subject matter but rather a more complex illustration; the colors themselves convey profuse meaning. My goal and objective with my artwork is to enlighten, motivate, inspire and create an interest on an intellectual and spiritual level with regard to our fellow humankind.

Each creation brings multiple interpretations from the artist’s perspective. Each viewer will bring a variety of analyses. Thereby the ultimate effect becomes a phenomenal work of art.

Can you imagine how wonderful life will be with a world full of people who have self-love and self-respect? We know that a positive self-image equates to overall health, well-being and happiness. Isn’t that an objective worthy of consideration? This is my goal and objective with my book “Think your Life into Action” by Brenda Basham Dothage. Available at

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Brenda is an artist, author, Co-Founder of BOLD Farms - Homeless Living Solutions (Non-Profit), a counselor, and a full-time student finishing a Ph.D. in Psychology. She has a master's degree in business administration (MBA) and a baccalaureate degree in English.

Her first book "Think your Life into Action" is available at;; and Visit for more information.

In addition to her artwork, writing, counseling, and co-founder duties she has experience in various business venture, and the publishing and PR industry. She has served as an instructor for self-image workshops, a counselor for sexual assault survivors, a coordinator for a children's planning council, and a member of the board of director's for a children's museum.


Original Masterpiece Collection

Original abstract artwork

Original Masterpiece Collection III “Original Masterpiece Collection III”

Prints of my artwork and greeting cards are now available. Reasonable prices and various sizes.