Burke, Kym


Kym is a contempary New Zealand artist whose work explores belonging and 'sense of place' through a variety of artistic media. She has a professional background in community and social strategy. She also has a long time interest in maps and geography, and a grandfather who was a cartographer.

Kym reinvents creations of meticulous labour. She has a vibrant palette and an ability to combine colour and form that is unique. Her conceptual ideas develop through personal experience, research and contemplation. Her works are angular, structured and formal as well as intuitive, welcoming and familiar. Reconciliation of these forces are a significant part of her process.

She has worked with a variety of media over ten years producing paintings, sculpture, prints and mixed media work. She has formally studied painting, print making and sculpture. Kym's work is displayed in private collections through out New Zealand. She now works out of her home studio in Auckland.


Domestic Constellations

Domestic Constellations “Domestic Constellations”

My latest series explores women's work. In particular I reinvent the traditional doily - so fragile and meticulous and combine this with spray painted mark making. For me this represents the two sides of myself, feminine and forgiving as well as outspoken and rebellious. These works are on hardboard, spray painted, cut up and re-worked. See my website for more of this work. www.kymburke.net

Navigator “Navigator”

This series of works evolved from a personal journey into family history. The pieces are mono print and screen print and have fabric and plastic bags woven and attached to them. They explore the idea of local and community and how global business and marketing are present in our everydayness. See my website to view more in this series

Archetypical Fruit “Archetypical Fruit”

These works are a contemplation on domestic conversations and exposure. I wanted to present the idea in a three dimensional way on something used in the ritual of conversation. Ordinary tea trays ended up being the presentation space for these ideas. Each story that is told and heard, I wanted to visualize the cutting into, the exposure. More of these works on my website.

Living in Landscape “Living in Landscape”

This is a small series of sculptural work contemplating how we live in the landscape. How it supports our domestic lives, is in our living room.