Valentina Butnarciuc

Member of The U.S.National Committee of the International Association of Art( IAA/ AIAP).
Bachelor Faculty of Plastic Arts and Design (FAPD ) Moldova.
2018 - International Competition Art Prize Raffaello. Bologna, Italy
2018 – International Competition ART Prize of NATIONS – Tribute to TIZIANO. VENICE, Italy
2017- Diploma Unesco Club, 1 Prague Art Fair .
Born in Ukraine,Odessa region.
Based in Miami,USA
My decision to become an artist came as a result of a creative atmosphere, which surrounded me from early childhood and throughout my life, because my father was very good at drawing and I tried to imitate him. Later I graduated from the university with a degree in painting and fine arts. I studied figurative painting and portraiture. But I have always been attracted and excited by abstract art.
I consider art and creativity an integral part of my personality and soul. I am inspired by everything beautiful, then we are surrounded, which causes delight and pleasant emotions.
My paintings are expressive abstractions.
The abstraction is the only form of fine art that gives me pleasure. It develop in the process of improvisation, experimentation and intuition. When I was younger I tried different styles.
And every time the picture began to look too realistic, I could not stand and unwittingly “destroyed” the drawing and did something more abstract, and therefore more intriguing.
So I think that even my instincts led me to a true artistic way, to abstraction.
My works stand out for their special depth, high concentration of various emotional states. As well as a subtle sense of color tone and texture.
The chaos of movement of spots and lines and forms in the picture, ordered by me, attracts me, but all these movements are not accidental, I strive to add them to a specific motive.


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