Elisha Bartov, M.d.

Elisha Bartov, M.D.

Location: Israel

I was born in Kibbuz Gvaram in the north Negev in Israel in 1951.
I am married to Aldema a Psychotherapist and have 2 wonderful children Nitsan and Asaf.
I am an Ophthalmologist, Chairman of the Eye Department in the Wolfson Medical Center and an Associate Clinical Professor in the Sakler Faculty of Medicine of the Tel Aviv University.
I was a Fulbright Fellow in Ophthalmology in the Johns Hopkins University and Hospital in 1986 to 1988.
I was chairman of the Government employed physicians in Israel (ARM)and Vice Chairman of the Israel Medical Association (IMA)for 15 years until 2009.

l grew up in a house where art was part of the air I breathed since my mother was a painter and a children's book writer and illustrator. Later on my older sister Hana also became an artist.
Books about art history where some of the first books I ever read and I enjoy this subject to this day.
Throughout my life I drew incessantly with pen and crayon and sometimes watercolors.
Two years ago l made the major step of moving to mainly Oil and Acrylic on Canvas. This step was aided by the extra free time I now have since I left my offices with the ARM and IMA and the direction of my great art and painting teacher Riki Maysee.
I had my first and exremely successful exhibition on April 2014 at the Amalia Arbel Gallery in Tel Aviv. I presented 36 Oil and Acrylic paintings and sold 11!
I am a member of the Ramat Gan And Givataim Painters and Sculptors Association.
I paint in a realistic style. The works are usually transported from the original model or photograph to a more personal story I want to tell.
This is sometimes done with a conscious change in color shadow and composition. At other times the changes are much more subtle such as the dynamics of the brush stroke and choice of colors and hues.
I find that I start a painting with great tention an aprehention but happily I almost always like very much the signed work.
I hope most of the viewers will enjoy the view.



Realization of Leonardo's lost painting -The Battle of Anghiari 120x90 acr 2013 “Realization of Leonardo's lost painting -The Battle of Anghiari 120x90 acr 2013”

The only thing we have left of Leonardo's monumental painting "Battle of Anghiari" is a drawing made by Rubens. I used his drawing for the layout and rendered in color, light and shadow the painting in as a lighted early night scene more in the style of Rembrandt or Caravaggio.

Talia and Jonathan “Talia and Jonathan”

The son of my late sister Shuli, Jonathan and his daughter Talia relaxing in a family meeting