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Abstract Expressions by Luis Rokeach

Luis Rokeach

The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but in seeing with new eyes (Marcel Proust).

According to Michel Henry, Kandinsky calls Abstract the contents that a painting should express, that is this invisible life that we are. Philippe Sers says that in Kandisnky’s work we can find veiled images that lead us beyond our own limits.

As a photographer, I wish to capture the beauty and the emotion that are found in everything that surrounds us, whether they are figurative or abstract subjects.
These abstract images come from subjects of our daily life, I transformed them with the purpose of unveiling their emotional and esthetic contents.
My intention is to go from the reality of the subject to the abstraction of the image, and from the latter to the image that the observer makes in his/her own mind. From this, the observer could create his/her own reality, depicted by his/her own inner world of symbols. It is the observer who always bestows the fourth dimension to Art.

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